KidsQuest Terms and Conditions

KidsQuest (Breakfast and Afterschool Club) Terms and Conditions

Our OFSTED registered setting provides the option for Little Stars (2-3yrs), Big Stars (3-4yrs), Wallace Fields Infant and Junior school children to attend before and after school sessions at KidsQuest. 

Our aim is to provide your child with a high quality, caring, stimulating environment where they can learn and develop while having fun. Parents can feel confident that their children will experience a wide variety of child-centered activities, matched to individual needs whilst being cared for in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Children can feel confident they will have a great time!

All staff supporting your child have a wide range of relevant experience, role specific qualifications, DBS clearance with a high ratio of staff to children at every session.

1. Admissions
Priority for admission to KidsQuest Breakfast & Afterschool Provision is given to children attending Wallace Fields Infant School. Children leaving the Infant School in Year 2, who will be attending Wallace Fields Junior School but wish to use the provision, will be required to re-apply for a place at the provision at the end of the summer term. Places for Junior School children who have siblings attending the infant school will be given priority over Junior School children without a sibling at the Infant School.

• Children attending Wallace Fields Infant School
• Children attending Wallace Fields Junior School with a sibling attending Wallace Fields Infant School
• Children attending Wallace Fields Junior School without a sibling at the Infant School 
• Children attending any other local school

2. Deposit
We ask parents for a deposit of £50 (per child) to be paid with all initial booking forms. This is a holding payment on your account and on receipt of this payment your child’s place in KidsQuest will be secured should there be an available place. Deposits are refundable once your child leaves the school (or no longer requires the provision) and your final balance has been settled in full. 

3. Payment of fees
All fees are assigned to your online Scopay account on a termly basis. (Autumn Term – September-December, Spring Term – January-March and Summer Term – April-July) 
Payment of fees for the term are to be made in full within 7 days of the start of term. Alternatively, payments can be made in two instalments, 50% within 7 days of the current term and 50% within 7 days of the start of the 2nd half term. Failure to pay in line with the terms and conditions will result in your child being refused admission to the provision.

4. Payment Methods are:
•Online – via Scopay or Childcare Vouchers – all providers accepted

5. Late or Non Payment of fees
Wallace Fields Infant School reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £10 per correspondence, due to late payment of fees. We also reserve the right to refuse attendance until any outstanding balances are paid. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please speak to or email Carley Dean ( in the school office at your earliest convenience.

6. Bookings / Confirmation
Session bookings are to be made via our school website using the online booking form. Once a regular booking is made, it will remain in place until notice is given (in writing) to cancel. E.g. the booking will roll forward at each term. 
When your booking confirmation is received, please check the details are correct and notify us of any discrepancies within 3 working days. Booked sessions cannot be ‘swapped’ and refunds cannot be given for non-attendance.

6.1. Ad-Hoc Sessions
Ad-hoc sessions are available to parents who do not want to book a regular session e.g. every week/ term, but require ad hoc days throughout the term. Ad-hoc sessions can only be booked 7 days in advance e.g. if you require a booking on a Monday the earliest you can book is the Monday beforehand. Places are given on a first come, first served basis dependent on maximum session numbers. Sessions must be booked by telephoning the school office and are to be paid in advance of your child’s booking i.e. your Scopay account must be in credit in order to book an ad-hoc session. If paying through childcare vouchers, please ensure the payment is made in advance allowing time for the transfer to clear. 

7. Booking cancellations
Once your booking is confirmed cancellations require a minimum of 1 months’ notice in writing to Carley Dean ( E.g. if you wish to cancel your child’s sessions in the Summer term starting on 23rd April, notice is to be given by 23rd March. 
If a cancellation is made without giving 1 months’ notice, your deposit will be forfeited and you will incur a charge of 4 weeks fees based on sessions booked.

8. Late Collections
We ask that parent’s telephone to inform us if they will be unavoidably late collecting their child. If parents are late to collect children, a late collection fee will be charged per late collection after 6:30pm. (Late collection/s are subject to a penalty charge of £5 per 5 minutes after 6:30pm). If, after we have made every effort to reach available contacts, a child has still not been collected by 30 minutes after the end of their session, we will follow DFE guidelines and contact Children’s Services.

9. School Closure
Available KidsQuest sessions are based on Wallace Fields Infant School’s term and inset days, therefore sessions will be charged and payment due for all confirmed sessions. Should your child be using the KidsQuest provision but attending an alternative school e.g. Wallace Fields Junior School whose termly dates and inset days may differ to those of Wallace Fields Infants, please note that payment will still be due for all the sessions booked within Wallace Fields Infant School dates regardless of your child’s school closures. KidsQuest is not open on Wallace Fields Infant School Inset Days and therefore does not charge for these sessions.

9.1. Closure
If, due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to close the provision, parents will be informed via the school website, email and social media. It will not be possible to refund fees in such situations. 

10. Lost property
Please ensure that your child does not bring valuable items to the provision and that all belongings are clearly named. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

11. Liability 
KidsQuest does not accept liability for loss or damage to belongings or property. All children attending KidsQuest are covered by Wallace Fields Infant School & Nursery Public Liability Insurance.

12. Exclusion/Inclusion 
KidsQuest operates an inclusion policy. In the event that we consider the behavior or conduct of any adult or child is having a negative impact on others, we will work with those involved to rectify and resolve the issue. In the event that we feel we have exhausted all reasonable options, we will withdraw access to the school and all Early Years Provisions.

13. Complaints
We are committed to providing a high quality childcare setting. We welcome ideas and suggestions, through direct discussion and questionnaires. However, if you wish to make a complaint, please, in the first instance, speak to the Manager of the provision. If you do not receive a satisfactory conclusion please refer to our complaints procedure.

14. Data Protection and confidentiality
It is necessary for us to hold personal details about you and your child. This is stored both in a hard copy on file and on a computer database. This information remains confidential to Shining Stars, Rockets Club and KidsQuest and will only be shared with a third party, in the event of an emergency.

Please click here for our Fee Structure Sheet for Wallace Fields Infant School and Shining Stars Nursery

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