Tapestry On Line Learning Journey

All Early Years (ie reception and nursery) age children attending Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery school have a personal Tapestry on-line Learning Journey. Tapestry is a GDPR compliant company and uses secure servers in the UK to store data.

WFIS & Nursery use Tapestry to record observations, comments and photos to show each child's progress against the Early Years Foundation Stage to compliment other forms of observation and assessment. What we would like to do is to give parents the opportunity to be able to access their child's Learning Journey from a computer or by using the Tapestry App on mobile devices. You will only be able to access this by using the log in details that will be given to you on receipt of the signed user agreement below, this will only give you access to your own child's Learning Journey. You can change your password if wished once you have accessed the account.

Many of the most meaningful photographes taken in Wallace Fields Infant School show children interacting in group play or activities with peers, we therefore ask that these photographs on Tapestry are for your own viewing and must not be shared publically or uploaded onto any social media websites. Please see our Guidance for Parents on the taking of Photos or Filming Policy which is available on our School Website, this can be found in the GDPR section under the Virtual Office tab.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to talk to your child's class teacher.

  • Once we have received your permission, in order for us to set up an account for you, we would need you to confirm the email address you would like us to use to activate your account. Please provide below:

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